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EBU-TT Live Interoperability Toolkit


1. Validate the EBU-TT Part 3 Live specification.

2. Provide a set of resources to help anyone making equipment or software using EBU-TT Part 3.

What is it?

The interoperability toolkit is a set of components, mostly written in Python (to be easy-ish to read) that can create EBU-TT Live documents (and sequences), transfer them from one Node to another using Carriage Mechanisms (currently WebSocket and the file system), validate them, and allow them to be viewed.

If you are writing code to produce live subtitles in EBU-TT Live, you should try plugging it into the consumer to validate the sequences you make. If you are writing code to consume live subtitles, you should try using the producer to generate test data.

The Project

This is an open source project hosted by the EBU on GitHub, using Travis-CI for continuous integration and coveralls for code test coverage. The license is BSD3.

This is an activity of the EBU Subtitles in XML group.

You can find details about the project, including details of how to contribute, on its github page.

For discussion of issues etc we have a Slack team - request an invitation via subtitling@ebu.ch.

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